Heritage Saskatoon

There’s a new Facebook page group I really love: You Know You Grew up in SASKATOON Sk If you can remember…  which is really rekindling my already raging love for this city.  Kindred spirits are posting photos and sharing memories. It’s so great! A few folks have posted photos of old matchbooks, etc of cool old logos.  The resolution of the photos are generally not great,  so I’ve lovingly and painstakingly re-drawn each one as buttons! For now, I’m calling the collection “Toon Tags”.

I now need to get off my butt and revamp this site to include all the building portraits I’ve done over the years. You can find a gallery of some of them HERE

AND if you have boots made for walking and want to take the On Safari Fossil Tour of Downtown Saskatoon, the PDF of the Colouring Book pages are HERE.

Stay tuned, I promise to get on that ASAP!.