On Safari Colouring Book

The “On Safari” tour was created in the 1980s by Peggy Sarjeant and the Saskatoon Heritage Society, as a way of partnering with school children, in hopes of teaching them about the history of our city.  Shortly after joining the Heritage Society, I discovered the map in our archives and determined to resurrect this fascinating and educational tour.

With some generous donations and help from friends, I was able to create this Colouring Book and Tour Guide.  I enjoy taking groups on the tour, but I designed the book so that it could be self-directed.  Everything you need to know about what they are and where to find these treasures is in these pages.

I want as many people as possible to benefit from the hard work that went into making this guide; please feel free to print the pages and take the tour. Soon you’ll be finding fossils everywhere!

1 cover 2 intro page 3 welcome page 4 Tyndall 5 How Fossils 6 fossil types 7 fossil types 8 bess page 9 bess page 10 saskatoon club page 11 saskatoon club page 12 Land Titles Page 13 Land Titles Page 14 Avenue page 15 Avenue page 16 senator page 17 senator page 18 19 Map 20 Royal page 21 Royal page 23 MacMillan page 24 canada 25 canada 26 schoolboard page 27 schoolboard page 28 oddfellows page 29 oddfellows page 30 crossword 31 match 32 memory 33 word search 34 answer key 35 closing36 backcover