I’m obsessed with Buttons.  I love making them! I also make Ponytail Holders, Magnets, and Keychain/Pendants.

You can find my buttons at Better off Duds The greatest vintage clothing store in the city! You can also get them at Glitch – serving all your novelty needs!   Both conveniently located on 33rd Street.

If you’re in Regina – don’t worry! The fabulous Dessart Sweets is carrying a nice selection. Plus, there’s candy!

They sell for 2 for $5!
Some buttons feature original artwork, and some come from recycled magazines and comic books. And some are just collected from all over!

Retailers and Businesses, or anyone who needs lots of buttons:
If you need buttons, I have some great assortments to choose from, or we can work together to customize options perfect for you.  If we’re designing a new button from scratch, prices vary, but are very reasonable.  If you’re in Saskatoon, delivery is free.

For more information, email me at jscason@gmail.com