Old Friends…

This fall, sad circumstances brought a silver lining of a reunion with a special friend.  Getting to spend time with my pal and her family meant so much to me.  We reminisced a lot, and brought back to life many crazy adventures in our lives together.  On top of it all, the reunion resurrected a pair of cartoon characters who have been patiently waiting for a return.

I hope to share their further adventures with you all soon.

Punch Button Club

The first button in the Punch Button Club is by yours truly!!

It commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Mr Dressup.  Get your button now so you can celebrate this milestone in style!

The first episode of Mr Dressup aired 50 years ago, on Feb 13th, 1967.  Hosted by Ernie Coombs with puppets Casey and Finnegan (created by Judith Lawrence), this CBC staple entertained and educated Canadian children for decades.  Mr. Dressup typically raided the Tickle Trunk, drew or made a craft, and sang a song each episode. Coombs passed away in 2001, five years after retiring the programme.  The treehouse can still be seen in the foyer of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in downtown Toronto.